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Ghost Pipe Tincture

This item contains 1 ounce of the medicinal plant Ghost Pipe, aka Monotropa Uniflora.


Ghost Pipe is a pain reliever, similar to over the counter drug options like Aleve or Tylenol, providing natural pain relief on your worst days.  Ghost Pipe is a painkiller in the nervine class, however it is non-addictive.


Though usage varies, the 1 ounce container generally lasts people quite some time, as only 1-3 drops are taken at a time as needed.  Please note the expiration date listed on the side of each bottle.


Native Americans have long used Ghost Pipe as an Arthritus remedy, and it's known as a cure for menstrual cramps. This unique parasitic plant is not a fungus, but a plant that doesnt produce chlorophyll on its own, rather it steals from both a Mature Tree and the fungal web that the host plant lives in symbiosis with, stealing its medicine from both. 

Health benefits of Ghost Pipe

  • Medicinal Disclaimer

    Many of the tinctures, extracts and ground fungi we sell under the medicinal banner are proven by major universities like John Hopkins, NYU, Cornell, Mississippi State, Washington State, Harvard, Yale, Columbia etc. The FDA still requires us to make a disclaimer, which is to say according to them, that none of the statements regarding effectivity of all of our medicinal products are to be considered fact, and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult a physician before beginning a new medication.  Tinctures and extracts contain alcohol, and may react with perscription medications. We highly recommend taking any and all supplements as a portion of modern medical care, not as a replacement.

    All of our Medicinal products are either wild harvested using sustainable practices or cultivated by us. 

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